Genius Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

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A well-organized kitchen pantry can be a dream come true. Not only is it pretty, it also saves you time and money!
Imagine knowing what’s in your pantry at a glance, and not rummaging around for that partial bag of chocolate chips you just know is in there somewhere!

While we would absolutely love to have a pantry like this, let’s face it, most of us don’t. Not to worry, though! There are plenty of ways to boost your pantry storage space and make it pretty and organized on any budget!

organizing a kitchen pantry

Items To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

OXO Pop Lids Storage

I’ve been gradually switching over to these OXO Good Grips POP for the past few years, and I absolutely adore them! They’re among the best kitchen pantry storage containers for storing pasta, rice, brown sugar, pretty much anything!

Glass Storage Containers

If you’re not a fan of plastic storage, there are plenty of glass versions will provide an upscale look while being easy to use and clean. Square ones like this utilize space much better than round storage containers.

Jar Labels

Labels make everything pretty and easy to find! This label maker allows you to choose your label color and use different fonts and accents, so you can customize labels to match for decor.

For labels that are already done for you, this set works great! With 113 pre-printed spice labels, plus a few blank ones, it’ll give you an easy way to label allllll the things.

Plus, it even has Adobo as a spice! This Puerto Rican girl is here for that!

Shelf Liners

I started using shelf liners in every cabinet, and it’s made life so much easier! Since we’re a military family, we’ve moved quite a bit and often end up in rental houses.

These keep the cabinets nice and clean, and prevent leaks and spills from warping wood or causing stains.

Plus, they add a bit of personality that goes a long way when you’re packing up and moving every few years!


Baskets make organizing just that much nicer, don’t they? Pick up a few baskets like these to toss oatmeal packets, bags of chips or fruit snacks, or whatever else comes in large, ugly boxes or bags. It will make a huge improvement quickly!

Stackable Bins

Sometimes you have more vertical space than you have shelves. These stackable bins let you maximize that space while still being able to easily access the contents inside.

Pantry Can Organizer

It seems cans never quite stack up at home as well as they do at the grocery store. A can organizer solves that problem by making them easy to store and grab as needed.

Scrapbook Paper Boxes

How cute are those boxes in the kitchen pantry? They’re perfect for hiding things you don’t necessarily want to repackage or have seen. Emergency chocolate stash, anyone?

A Tea Organizer

If your day isn’t complete without a warm cup of tea, getting a nice tea organizer is a must! Those tea boxes take up a ton of valuable space, and aren’t exactly attractive. This tea organizer can hold over one hundred tea bags!

For another option, get the tea bags out of your kitchen pantry altogether with this lovely organizer! It’s pretty enough to leave on the counter or near a coffee/tea station.

Add Cute and Useful Produce Storage Bins

Stashing produce in random areas just leads to finding sprouting potatoes and mushy apples.

Pick up a few cute and practical pantry storage bins to store hardy produce in so it will actually get eaten!

Tips To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Keep like items together. By keeping all the items you need for baking close together, it helps eliminate the hunting around for that pinch of baking soda or cornstarch.

While there may be some things that aren’t exclusively for baking, like salt, gathering the majority of items together makes life so much easier!

Add a Shopping List Board

When you realize you’re out of an item while getting items out of the kitchen pantry for dinner, having a shopping list handy is a huge help!

Keep it on the back of the door and snap a pic with your phone before heading to the grocery store so you don’t forget anything.

For more fantastic ways to organize a home, read our beginner’s guide to organizing here!

how to organize a kitchen pantry

How to Organize a Kitchen Pantry – Where to Begin

There are two ways you could go about the task. The first option is to replace things in small batches as you go about your life.

When you get a few new storage containers, fill them with whatever you’re keeping in it. Once you have a few units, add your labels in a batch.

The second way is to pull everything out at once. It seems overwhelming at first, but soon you’ll get into a routine and have your kitchen pantry looking fresh and fabulous in no time!

First you’ll want to sort through spices and boxes to look for expired items. Stale spices aren’t doing you any favors when it comes to seasoning, so toss them.

If you have items that are close to expiring, keep those in a separate area and either circle or print a label with the expiration date. You’ll want to use those items first to keep them from going bad.

Then start pouring your food into the storage containers. Airtight containers keep your food fresher, and they look pretty while doing it! Add your labels and place inside the pantry.

Once you’re done filling and labeling everything, you can pick up all the empty boxes and toss them. Then just sit back and admire your fancy new pantry!

Now that your kitchen pantry is nice and organized, here are 7 Cheap And Easy Ways To Fill A Pantry On A Budget!

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