Adorable Accessories to Add Zen To Your Home

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When life clips along at a crazy pace, the home needs to be a calm sanctuary. It’s vital to maintain serenity and balance to create a soothing place to recharge after a busy day.

These adorably cute and useful accessories will add some zen to your home and life!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I first spotted a himalayan salt lamp at a yoga class many years ago, and loved the warm glow it emitted.

Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt crystals found in the Himalayas that are hollowed out and turned into a lamp. 

There are many claims to the salt lamps boosting energy to clearing negative ions from the air.

At the very least, they’re quite beautiful. Just make sure to keep them out of reach from cats, who could become quite obsessed with licking the salt!

A Cute Coloring Book

Arts and crafts are so good for the spirit. Makers gonna make, right? Unfortunately, I did not get a single bit of artistic ability.

If you’re like me, a coloring book is a great way to be creative without having a not-so-masterpiece to deal with later. 

I absolutely love mandalas, and this mandala coloring book is so soothing. You can color away and zone out from all your worries.

Lady and Puppy cuddling on bed with Zen Accessories

Fuzzy Socks

I’m a sucker for fuzzy socks. I especially love ones like these that are filled with super moisturizing aloe. Put them on after taking a bath for the ultimate luxurious feeling.

Oils and Cucumber in bowl for Zen Accessories

A Fun Face Mask

While you’re relaxing, throw on a fun face mask to complete the spa vibe. Pick up a few on your next Target run, or grab these cuties from Amazon.

Toasty Warm Gloves

If your fingers are always cold, these super cute toasty gloves will help. They plug into a USB port and radiate heat to keep your hands nice and warm. They’re just so sweetly adorable, too!

Essential Oil Diffuser

I know, essential oils are pretty hyped up, but for good reason! There are so many wonderful benefits to adding essential oils to your life.

This essential oil diffuser is perfect for boosting your mood and freshening up your home.

Plus, they smell amazing and they’re way better for you and the environment than chemical-laden sprays and candles.

Lavender is a perfect choice for settling down before bed, while lemon or peppermint work wonders at lifting your mood first thing in the morning. 

Heated Throw

I’ve mentioned before that we’re big on blankets around our house. When temps get below zero outside, it’s time to pull out the extra cozy comfort items! This heated throw is amazingly toasty and soothing on frigidly cold days!

Electric Tea Kettle

I had sinus surgery recently, and while the recovery was seriously sucky, this electric tea kettle made life a thousand times easier! It heats water to tea temperature in just a couple of minutes.

That means you can have a warm cup of tea easily any time you want. I’ve gotten in the habit of making a cup of mint tea every evening. It’s so calming and settles the tummy nicely before heading to bed.

Greenery Like Succulents and Herbs

Living plants bring plenty of air-purifying perks. Plus, it just feels nice to bring nature inside. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, I particularly like growing mint because it’s easy to take care of and I can use it in my evening tea!

For one that needs a tiny bit more commitment but tons of benefits, I highly recommend going with an Aerogarden.

You simply plant the pods, then add water and nutrients as needed. Soon you’ll have a bounty of fresh herbs, lettuce, or even tomatoes to add to your meals. 

We got our first Aerogarden when we were living in Puerto Rico and had some difficulty finding lettuce that didn’t turn brown the day after purchase.

It was a lifesaver with all the options for lettuce and herbs! We’ve since bought a couple more and cycle through them every few months so we almost always have fresh greens to snack on.

Zen Garden

When we finally land in our forever home, we have all kinds of plans to build a zen garden in the backyard.

In the meantime, a countertop version like this will work! I grew up in Florida and basically lived at the beach, so this ocean zen garden totally speaks to me.

Water Feature Fountain

The sound of water is incredibly soothing. I mean, that’s why so many people choose to live on the ocean or near rivers.

Don’t have a babbling brook nearby? Recreate the sound with a water feature that will add a good dose of white noise to your home.

A Pretty Water Cup

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to stay hydrated! Water is life, and it affects so many aspects of your life when you’re simply not drinking enough. 

The easiest way to boost water intake is to always have some within reach. One Christmas gift I was given a few years ago was an RTIC tumbler.

It’s been amazing at keeping water nice and cold so I drink more. Just refill a few times a day and you’ll soon see the perks of staying hydrated like clearer skin and your body overall working better!

A Yoga Wheel

Elevate your yoga practice with a yoga wheel. It allows you to go deeper into poses and try new ones that will improve your mood and your flexibility. 

Even if you aren’t super into yoga, a yoga wheel is great for simple stretches and loosening tense back muscles.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Waking up to an alarm is rarely a pleasant experience. This sunrise alarm clock works to make it more pleasant by letting you wake up gradually to a sunrise simulation.

It’s scientifically proven to make mornings easier, leading you to start your day calmer and more zen.

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What’s your favorite home accessory that helps you chill out? Share below and pin this for later!

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