Quick and Cute Homemade Christmas Gifts to Make Today!

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If you ask most people what their favorite type of gifts are, chances are they’re going to say it’s homemade presents. The thought that goes behind homemade Christmas gifts makes it incredibly special.

But what to do when it’s getting down to the wire for Christmas presents, but you still want to treat your friends & family to sweet, homemade gifts? 

These gifts are quick and easy, so you can find time to handle this amidst all the last minute hustle & bustle of the holiday season.

Christmas Cookie Body Scrub

This body scrub is so sweet and so good for exfoliating skin! The sprinkles mixed in give it a good dose of holiday cheer.

Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

This one is so easy, you can even have your kids make it! With only 3 ingredients, it makes for a perfectly soothing present that just takes a few minutes to pull together.

Homemade Sugar Scrub Bars

On a sugar scrub kick, but want to make it look a little different? Try this recipe for homemade sugar scrub bars! They’re still very quick and easy, and the bars look adorable in cute little bags tied off with ribbon.

Natural Soap Making for Beginners Series

If you’re completely unfamiliar with soap making, it may take just a bit of time to become comfortable enough to make quick presents. But this beginner’s series will show you how to start making soaps, along with different processes and plenty of lovely recipes!

Easy Lavender Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath bombs are super fun and trendy! How cool would it be to say you made them when everyone oohs and ahhs over the gift you gave?! I especially like the idea of using a simple measuring cup as the “mold” for a customized look.

Skipping the homemade gifts and looking for something even quicker than these projects? Here’s a great list of the top gifts for people who love decorating or just staying home! 

Sparkling Snow Sugar Scrub

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore snow. I’m originally a Florida girl, but once I moved to Alaska, I discovered the pull of mountains and fresh snowfall glistening.

This shimmery sugar scrub can give the beauty of winter without the bitter cold that comes with!

Godiva Dark Chocolate Lip Scrub

This lip scrub is so drool worthy! Plus, once you’re done making the scrub, you can snack on the leftover chocolate. That makes even more of a win in my book!

DIY Beeswax Wraps

For an eco-friendly gift, take a look at these beeswax wraps! They can replace plastic wrap when covering bowls and are so pretty.

You can even pick fabrics that will match your friend’s decor for maximum use.

DIY Coasters for Christmas

These handy coasters are such an easy gift when you make a large batch of them at once. They’re so simple and yet so pretty.

We actually made some for our wedding favors a few years ago and they still look beautiful!

Faux Granite Coasters

These coasters use a different process but give such a luxe, gorgeous look! It uses colorful markers to paint the surface of the tiles, then rubbing alcohol to blend the colors. Burn off the alcohol and a lovely watercolor effect appears!

Hanging Mason Jars

These mason jars filled with fresh herbs are a tasty, lovely present that takes only a few minutes to assemble.

Adding the hanging wire will let them hang it if they choose, or they can simply place on a sunny windowsill.

You can try different combinations of herbs like oregano, sage, and chives. Or you can fill one with mint for tea!

Apple Teacher’s Gift

The last day of school is quickly approaching, and you’re scrambling to find a gift? Try making these cute little apple pots!

They can even reuse it to plant something in once spring comes around!

DIY Beard Oil

Since my husband is just a few months away from retiring from the military, and one thing he’s especially looking forward to is not having to shave almost every day.

I’ve already started looking up beard oil recipes for when he starts growing his out.

This one is super simple and makes a great guy gift!

Homemade Men’s Shaving Cream Recipe

If your guy is all about that clean-cut look, here’s a great shaving cream that will keep their skin soothed.

You can even customize the essential oil fragrances to something they’ll especially love.

I think sandalwood and spruce would smell amazing together!

DIY Hanging Grill Tool Display Sign

If he’s all about that grill life, he’s going to love this neat little holder for his grilling utensils! It’ll keep everything handy while still looking great!

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